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VeriME D-Secure, a Secure Mechanisms for Seamless Payment Authentication & Fraud Protection Service

With increased digital operations and security threat D-Secure helps merchants & partners achieve seamless verification to guard individuals and their assets on a digital platform. Authentication made faster and easier at the comfort of your own digital space   


Fraud is an inevitable problem that threatens many organisations and individuals. This cannot be ignored and taken lightly. The drawback of fraudulent transactions will result in passing down the burden on financial institutions, businesses and individuals. The losses can result in passing down the losses to consumers along with threats related to identity theft.

Do you want to avoid such issues to safeguards your business and customers? Would you like to incorporate a seamless and secure security authentication on boarding for your consumers?

Speak to us. We have the solution for all your concerns.


A manual process is your biggest risk.

Not Secure

Current methods of payment authentication such as 2 factor/3 factor authentication are prone to many security threats such as Man-in-the-middle (MitM) or Man-in-the-Browser (MitB) attacks, thus failing to protect sellers and buyers.


Current payment authentication methods involve many players. E.g. a 3D Secure authentication offered for Credit/Debit Card Payments involves the Issuing Bank, Acquiring Bank, Payment Schemes, ACS (Access Control Server) and MPI (Merchant Plug In) providers etc. thus making the solution quite expensive for merchants.


Present methods of authentication heavily rely on sending security codes through SMSs. These SMSs might not be delivered due to network error, or the mobile number not being in service anymore. Such scenarios pose serious problems for the customers as they aren’t able to complete their purchases in time.


2 factor/ 3 factor authentication involves redirecting customers to a new page and sometimes shows errors with regards to page validity. These issues cause customers to drop off their purchases thereby increasing the basket abandonment rates.


Helping merchants & partners achieve seamless and secure authentication, VeriME offers D-Secure service which allows authentication of VeriME users within seconds thereby minimising customer drop-off rates. This solution would not only authenticate the customer, but also would provide full chargeback/dispute protection to VeriME partners and their Merchants.

Decentralised system for payment authentication

Immutable ledger protecting all transactions.

Authentication within milliseconds.

100% Chargeback protection!

Cost Effective

Up-to-date tools creating positive customer experience

One-click solution via mobile or web.

Conforms with local data sovereignty & PDPA Laws.

Full Fraud Protection.


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